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Music Production

Our recording studio is equipped with Steinberg Cubase, as well as other software sequencers and hard disk recording systems. We are working with a Mitec console outfitted with 40-24-8-2 for analog recording and 72 channels for mixdown as well as a range of peripheral equipment.

On demand, we will arrange for any instruments or other equipment you might need for your music production or event.

Please feel free to enquire for further information!

Event Production

Rockstar Studio 2 Hollenbeck/Germany
Rockstar Studio 2 Hollenbeck/Germany
We organise and oversee your custom musical events. We will arrange everything from the PA and light installation to catering, security and any other services you might need for a successful event. Contact us, we will be happy to discuss the details with you!


Águaforte in concert  Portugal 2006
Águaforte in concert Portugal 2006
We will develop a concept for promotion to suit your particular needs, jointly with you.

We will arrange media presence (radio, TV and internet placement) of your artistic work.

Currently on the Program:

Água Forte is Carlos Batista's current music project that has been touring in European countries, amongst others in Portugal. Currently, the last winter tour dates are under negotiation with presenters and sponsors.


Águaforte Logo
Águaforte Logo
Image Agua Forte by "My Space".
© Carlos Batista.
Our management caters to each artist individually, according to their needs. Please enquire, and we will set up a meeting with you.

Design of CD Sleeves and Posters

Rockstar Magic Logo 2006
Rockstar Magic Logo 2006
We offer CD sleeves and posters for you, and we will assist you with all design issues.
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