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Água Forte

Águaforte Concert - Poster
Águaforte Concert - Poster.
© Fernando R. Pinto/Karin Colsman.
Água Forte is the current musical project by Carlos Batista, for which we are responsible as promoters and bookers.

They are currently working on a new album. You can request some samples from us or listen to them at Sessionsound or Talicious, or at one of the following sites:

My Space

Why don't you drop Água Forte a message:

Fan- Info: = info-aguaforte@sapo.pt

Second Nature

Second Nature CD-Maxi
Second Nature CD-Maxi "Where peaceful rivers run" …
We worked with Second Nature between 1991-1992 and 1997-1999. Our collaboration included music production, management and promotion.

For a sample, choose one of the following songs:

Where Peaceful Rivers Run

These Little Words

No Way Too Far

Days of April Moon

Angel Falling

Waters Videoclip

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Mike Mareen

"Talk 2000" CD-Cover.
© Fernando R. Pinto.
An Italo-Disco artist with great success in the 1980s.
Among others, we produced "Talkshow" with Mike Mareen.

Artist: Mike Mareen & DADO
Music: Mike Mareen
Lyrics: Geff Harrison
Production: Fernando R. Pinto, Karin Colsman & Mike Mareen
Featuring: Danijel "Dado" Pendic (rap parts)

For a sample, select one of the following songs:

Talk Show (Radio Edit)

80s Medley - By DJ Micki
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